branDun DeShay | Interview

If you can sit there and call yourself an Odd Future fan then the name BranDun DeShay should come as nothing new. A former member of the super talented collective he is now a solo act getting his feet wet in whatever comes up. A producer, writer, and overall artist he is on his own grind! I got to ask questions about the artist behind branDun DeShay and this is what he had to say..

Q. So, How long have you been Producing beats and writing lyrics for?

Deshay: Been producin since 07 and i dont write. or type. lol jus rap.

Q. What really influenced you over the years and helped you keep going ?

Deshay: Since a kid i always felt special and now i kno why. Gotta see where the journey is gonna take me.

Q. Are you planning on releasing any new “Singles” or Mixtapes if so, what are the names to it?

Deshay: Nah. Im low key retired BUT im still doin shows and producin for other artists. Im jus not puttin out no more music for awhile. I got 5projects out in 2years. thats enough lol

Q. Are you going to have any shows anytime soon? if so.. Where?

Deshay: Imma be at SXSW. i got 5sets there. follow me on twitter for the info. @brandunXdeshay. and i got a show in Austria the wk after that. After that, whereever i get bookd.

Q. Are you working with anyone soon on a track such as casey or dom kennedy or any other artist?

Deshay: I still ain lockd in a song on Dom’s From Westside With Love 2 yet so imma keep wrkin wit him til that pop. Mikey Rocks and I got a lot of work bout to drop. His new tape and his album, im on. and the other cats, i cant speak on yet.

Q. Wheres your favorite fast food, or Dine in?

Deshay: Hm… i dont got one. I dont like eatin out. period. lol

Q. So, Ive heard you have your own clothing brand, If so. What is it called?

Deshay: Yea. Sort of. GOLD by my dude Shun is my official clothin sponsor but nothin totally on my own. Im not fashionable enough. I jus make music.

Q. What are you really aiming for in life right now?

Deshay: To live. Make God proud. Be able to sleep at nigh. Im a simple man.

Q. How do you feel about Odd future and tyler coming out on Jimmy Fallon and OF on MTV?

Deshay: I dont. lol

Q. Is it True you really dislike Tyler At the moment?

 Deshay: Nah. I dont have feelins for other nxggas. Emotions are for women.

If You dont know who branDun DeShay is, You better check it! branDun DeShay- LAXtasy 

follow him on twitter!!/brandunxdeshay

Make sure to check out his website

Follow me on twitter @juandizzles

10 thoughts on “branDun DeShay | Interview

  1. Stringer Bell

    i hate to say it but deshay is slipping under the radar more n more,,, he was the best rapper out of OF , hes nicer then alot of the new gen rappers + his beats r crazy but this little retirement bs hes doing is wack , stop bein mad about odd future blowing up n stay on ya grind. a gimmick will always fade but Talent is eternal

  2. lol

    lol this nigga fell the fuck off….n he was never from OF he just had alot of features cuz he used to dick-ride tyler n the gang

    1. fuvkgush Post author

      Actually he was in OF, he got out because they had different views, especially religion. branDun DeShay wasn’t with what they were with. That whole 666 stuff and more.


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