Eludem | Introducing & Ellusions [beat tapes]

“makes you wonder what other amazing music is out there that you will never hear..”-damaster37, a YouTube comment on one of Eludem’s beats entitled Oblivion.

I must say I was thinking the exact same thing when I came across his work. It’s so funny how Facebook can be such a bother but yet it makes full use of itself in situations like this. I was commenting on someone else’s video post (Benefit-Friends) when the post turned into a full on conversation that went from one thing to another and ultimately landed on the topic of beats. Everyone exchanged artists and gave props to one another for knowledge and sharing, and there I thought the post was done. A little while after logging out I go back and I find that one more comment has been added to the post saying something along the lines of take a look at my work. I didn’t hesitate to do so, which is strange because usually when approached this way I tend to blow it over. Super long story short I clicked on over to his BandCamp page and fell in love! I was compelled to let him know what I thought of his work and well here we are.

Before I say anything else just open your ears up and take in a little of Introducing, let it meet your soul. . .

Did you feel all that? Did you hear all that?
Hints of the past make it feel so vintage. There is bass in some of the tracks, the looping is beautiful. . .

Now take a trip into Ellusions

The use of differnt genres is becoming more evident, that dnb low end style with the intro track is delicious if I do say so myself.

I feel like this is the appropriate time to let you all in on the fact that these two tapes were done in late 2009 and early 2010! I don’t want to dish too much on the artist himself just yet since you will be seeing more and more of him on here, be sure to stay posted if you enjoyed his work! I can tell you that his progression is steady and he will soon be releasing another tape that moves even further into eargasms for days!

His work is not all over the nets so do yourself the favor and head on over to ELUDEMS BANDCAMP to download these two tapes in their entirety and hold tight to them til the next drop which is coming SOON! Or click on that video above and subscribe to his youtube channel!

“…cause a lot of people want to have skill over night and bite til the break of dawn. No one ever taught me anything, music wise I had to figure it all out by myself. I spent weeks doing that day and night and once I had that, it was time to learn how to get the ideas out of my head. . .”-ELUDEM

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