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SONGODSUNS | Do That Trick [music video]

Its Wednesday and we are halfway through the week. If your week has been shit or its been on the up new music is always good music. So here goes a little treat brought to you by your fellow Angelinos 2Mex & DJ Nobody.

This song fits the video so well and before you play it in front of people or at work be warned there is minor nudity that some might find offensive, and if no one is around BANG this shit, the bass is incredible on it!

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TAME LA | Hoodies & Tees [Drink Up MotherF******]

The wonders of the internet; whether it be FLICKR, Facebook, or Twitter you are always bombarded with random stuff left and right. In the midst of things I’ve come across cool people who eventually become cool friends and on one of these instances I’ve come across some ultra cool gear.

TAME, an artist out of west-west on the best coast the west coast recently released a line of beautifully simple and aesthetically pleasing tee-shirts and hoodies. Just in time for Christmas and the cool winter months check them out and support the hustle with a purchase.

For sizing information and availability you can contact him here:

If you don’t have a twitter account you can always email me at and I can get you in touch.

Stay tuned for more of his drops and a few words from the man himself soon enough!
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Spaceghostpurrp | PHEEL THA PHONK 1990 [Music Video]

I can say, this is spaceghostpurrp’s FIRST MUSIC VIDEO EVER. Space has made videos before, but recently they’ve been put on private or possibly deleted by spaceghostpurrp on youtube. Besides that, this is his first music video for the track “PHEEL THA PHONK” from the mixtape “BLACKLAND RADIO 66.6” . The video was directed by @StrangeCustoms. Space is doing big things and he’s getting bigger and bigger out there, keep up with him don’t sleep on this guy!

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Palmer Squares | Featured Artists

For the last few weeks I’ve been meaning to post this up but for various reasons I haven’t been able to. I haven’t procrastinated to post a post this much in the longest, but damn.. this is one group that everyone needs to check out.  The Palmer Squares are probably one of the most played artists in my ipod right now, and have been for quite some time now straight up.  Continue reading

Eligh + Amp Live Therapy At 3 Release Party | Low End Theory @ Airliner Club [11.16.11]

Legendary Low End Theory is opening its doors tonight to Eligh and Amp Live for the release of their latest collaboration Therapy at 3.

The album which was released yesterday is a solid listen. Eligh and Amp bring a fresh jive together with a beautiful fusion of eclectic beats and of course lyrical weight. Tattoo Song, the first single, off of the album is exactly that a song about tattoos something that is very close to Eligh. Although they have gained in popularity their permanence and meaning are endless just as music is so with that in mind come on out tonight and flaunt your tattoos while you celebrate yet another wonderful work from the duo.

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Peanut Butter Wolf’s 11.11.11 | Center for the Arts [Eagle Rock]

Stonesthrow and Center for the Arts of Eagle Rock bring you an 11.11.11 celebration that is not to be missed.Marking this numerically fascinating day with for 11 dollars you will catch 11 DJ’s spinning 11 hundred records from 6pm-1am. It is 18+ so if you aren’t 18 you know what you have to do before 6pm.

update via Twitter: Rhettmatic will be rocking the tables tonight at 9pm!
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