Aston Matthews | NOFVCKSGIVEN | Mixtape

My boy Eddy Baker was talking about this guy and i’ve seen him on my timeline alot i didn’t know what was going on but i saw the hype about his mixtape. This was released a little while ago but not too long ago. Point is this is a very very GREAT Mixtape. This mixtape features  My homie Eddy Baker Of course. SchoolBoy Q , Vince Staples, Yes the guy that is featured on Earl’s Mixtape on a track called Epar for all those OF Fans that are so hyped about anyone affiliated with OF Smh! Also He got SKEME Featured on this mixtape, Definitely something to have on your Ipod and bump this in your car.Much respect and shout outs to Aston Matthews this is one dope mixtape without a doubt. bOw!

Aston Matthews-DUMBYOUNGNIGGA Ft Vince Staples
Aston Matthews- May 31st Ft Schoolboy Q
Aston Matthews- Wendy Peppercorn Ft Eddy Baker
Aston Matthews-UAINTBOUTTHATLIFE Ft Just Jae

Download the mixtape HERE!

Follow Aston Matthews on twitter @Aston_matthews

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