Kids Right Now | Psalm One

The days of women doing back up vocals in hip-hop songs and only playing the role of a vixen are far long gone. Today women are coming forth and making music that defines the times they are living, Chicago native Psalm One makes music that speaks a bit of truth in every rhyme. Here is a glimpse at the first single Kids Right Now from the EP, Child Support due out July 2012.

Psalm One truly embodies herself throughout her music, the only female signed to the Rhymesayers label and a student herself at the University of Illinois studying chemistry it is fitting that the chorus of this song sings, “cooking up a blessing for these kids right now.” With an upbeat feel and an aware tone she spells out a few of her own hardships and gives a preview of what the rest of the album will hold. A conscious take at hip-hop from the eyes and experiences of a regular black girl.


Download: Psalm One feat. Mikkey Halsted | KIDS RIGHT NOW

For more Psalm One downloads check out and if you have a twitter check her out at @PsalmOne #realtalk Tuesdays always get the timeline moving.

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