With so many weekends to be filled may this be your guide to everything good and great going on in an area near you.
May your tweets and texts of 2011 look a little something like this(:

“I’m so bored, we should do something!”

“Well what’s going on tonight? I don’t know of anything.”

“Ey jump on line right quick I know of a site that always has some dope shit to do.”

“Word? Lemme get at that!”

“Damn! I didn’t even know they were in town tonight. Let’s roll.”

If you have any events, music, reviews, film screenings, graff news, charity events, shoe releases, clothing line to put out, or simply anything dealing with hip-hop and its four elements don’t hesitate to hit me up with an email or shoutout on twitter and i’ll gladly post them!

If you would like to contribute or have any ideas on ways I can improve, again please don’t hesitate to holla at a girl!

this is a labor of love and i do it for YOU!

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