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An Interview with Robb Bank$

I’ve recently checked out his music video, i was on the RVIDXR KLVN group chat on facebook and some guy linked me but i forgot his name.. if you read this comment on this and i’ll give you credit and again shout out to the RVIDXR KLVN Group on facebook. Besides all that i checked out the link to Robb Bank$ new music video “counting” What can i say? A GREAT Track and dope music video. I just had to get in touch with this guy, i know he is definitely going to get big, Check out the interview. ”  Damn bih.. I Feel like im signing up for a dating service. but food..Honestly MCdonalds, Salmon, Lobster, Or Duck is shit i fuck with depending on where I’m at. My favorite show right now is probably Naruto”- Robb Bank$

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Key Nyata | Artist Highlight/Interview

Theres so much to say about Key Nyata where do i start? First of all hes a funny guy lol.I’d like to thank my friend Boon Tobias Check him out . He recently showed me Key Nyata’s music and i was really amazed, I was hooked after he played “VLL BLVXK SPVCX WHXP”. Key Nyata has a 90’s feel to his music and its definitely something to bump in your car or just chill back at home and bump.

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Artist Highlight | SPACEGHOSTPURRP

So Ive recently heard about “SPACEGHOSTPURRP”. I was at a Odd Future show in Pomona and Syd was Dj’ing and she played the song 2011, that will be able to play below this post and i had to find out who this guy was. My friend Mickey Trees showed me about him and so did our videographer Jose Hernandez. He is Definatly a dope ass guy, his shit is so raw. I got a interview with him and this is how it went down. Continue reading

Cities Aviv | [interview]

I know you probably hear this everyday “listen to this! Its dope!” well I won’t even waste my breath with all that. Instead I’l just let you know we caught up with an artist by the name of Cities Aviv. Here is a quick interview with him that has a little laughs here and there, make sure to check it out and check out his music as well! This guy is dope as fuck, but don’t take my word for it.

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