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Vince Staples | Shyne ColdChain [Mixtape]

Well after the long wait of Vince Staples dropping his own tape, Its finally here. Of course everyone should have recognized him from the song “Epar” From Earl where Vince is Featured . Not going to lie but thats how i first found out about him he’s really dope. Besides that he’s dropped some singles at the time like Taxi, and songs featured with LaVish,Mike G, Jay Cue and of course Aston Matthews (Look out for the Music video with Aston Matthews and Vince Staples on the song “DUMBYOUNGNIGGA”

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Aston Matthews | NOFVCKSGIVEN | Mixtape

My boy Eddy Baker was talking about this guy and i’ve seen him on my timeline alot i didn’t know what was going on but i saw the hype about his mixtape. This was released a little while ago but not too long ago. Point is this is a very very GREAT Mixtape. This mixtape features  My homie Eddy Baker Of course. SchoolBoy Q , Vince Staples, Yes the guy that is featured on Earl’s Mixtape on a track called Epar for all those OF Fans that are so hyped about anyone affiliated with OF Smh! Also He got SKEME Featured on this mixtape, Definitely something to have on your Ipod and bump this in your car.Much respect and shout outs to Aston Matthews this is one dope mixtape without a doubt. bOw!

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Asher Roth | Pabst & Jazz [Mixtape]

Asher Roth just released Pabst & Jazz , how could you go wrong downloading this? Beats were mostly produced by Blended Babies Besides that, Chuck Inglish also got to produce some beats for Asher Roth as well. This is a great mixtape , tracks featuring A$ap Twelvy , Chip Tha Ripper, Rockie Fresh, Blu, Casey Veggies and much more!
Definitely a mixtape to download ASAP!

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Eludem | BelowBeyondLost (side b) [beat tape]

“What cha gonna do when the cops are after you?! ELUD-EM!”

Heard this one a few times to many on the 26th of November at a little shindig in Culver City. A small house show where Eludem had the opportunity to do an impromptu beat set that was completely bananas! With people flowing over the beats lyrically, one cat spitting some beat boxing cuts, and a bass that was to die for it sure was an eventful night. Lots of love out to Eludem for playing my favorite songs off of BelowBeyondLost (tape.1) in their ENTIRETY!

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