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Kids Right Now | Psalm One

The days of women doing back up vocals in hip-hop songs and only playing the role of a vixen are far long gone. Today women are coming forth and making music that defines the times they are living, Chicago native Psalm One makes music that speaks a bit of truth in every rhyme. Here is a glimpse at the first single Kids Right Now from the EP, Child Support due out July 2012.

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Quakers feat. Guilty Simpson & MED | Fitta Happier

For lack of better vocabulary this track is LOCO! Guitly Simpson and MED alone are dope but lets add some more greatness to the mix . To all that have no idea whatsoever who these Quakers are and just keep on having flashing images of the oatmeal man cross your mind let me relieve you; Quakers consist of Barrow (aka Fuzzface, 7-Stu-7 (Portishhead’s engineer), and last but not least Katalyst (Australian producer that some of you non hip-hop folks may have already come across). Wheww need I say more?

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Homeboy Sandman | The Miracle

The next few posts are going to just be brief and to the point. I know y’all come for the music not to hear us talk, aha I’m sure you appreciate it though!

Off of the Subject Matter EP. This song feels so “alienish” don’t know if that is really even a word but the beat carries you through a bit of space and Sandmans voice as usual just feels like a quaint conversation.
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Key Nyata – Deep Meditation [ Prod. CHV$E FLVME DV MVC]

Key Nyata blessed us with yet another great new song. He recently uploaded this new song ‘Deep meditation’ Produced by CHV$E FLVME DV MVC . Where can i start off? This song is real PHONKY , Really reppin the ‘RVIDXR KLVN’ and giving you a smooth, relaxing, chill vibe on this track.  So sit back and light up to this one.

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David Banner Yao Ming Ft 2 Chains& A$ap Rocky [ Raider Klan DISS ]

We have some very shocking news sadly, Asap rocky is dissing the raider klan, I noticed recently over twitter earlier this month i wish i could pull it up but i can’t but spaceghostpurrp was ranting over twitter that twelvy aint a homie and talking shit ,basically overall twelvy just said he doesn’t need a friend, I guess rocky took it to another level and has twelvys back since space dissed his own friend.

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