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My Type of Party | Dom Kennedy

Can I get a WEST!
Dom Kennedy has returned and just like the summer he’s brining that heat. This track was released today, a sneak peek of what is to come from the much-anticipated Yellow Album. Dom has always been one to drop a tape right as summer approaches which to people like me, people in Southern Cali is more than the business. With a beat and a hook like this one its due to be yet another banging tape.

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YOURETHIS VIDEO PRODUCTION | Stick ‘em, Paste ‘em, or Drink ‘em up! RECAP [12-16-11]

Lots of love to YOURETHIS PRODUCTION for cutting up some video from the Stick ’em event that went down last weekend. So random and so rad, check it out and envy the fact that your weekend didn’t compare.

Just kidding, it’s just hella random and a cool way to kill 6 minutes while your soup finishes cooking in the microwave, wavy!

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The Game | Martians vs Goblins Feat. Tyler The Creator & Lil Wayne

The video for Martians vs Goblins was released yesterday on Interscope Records by The Game featuring Tyler The Creator, and Lil Wayne.  This video is pretty cool to watch although I expected much much more from the lyrical standpoint.  I’m really just glad that Lil Wayne didn’t rap in this and stuck to doing the chorus.

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Low Limit | Featured Artist

Okay, so now that I actually have some free time to post on the site, I decided to make these featured artist posts more of a frequent thing to do. I figure why not share some of my favorite artists every week or so with everyone who takes the time to read these posts. This way I can let people in on fresh artists, from Raw Hip Hop to Raw Glitch Hop.

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Murs | 316 Ways [Produced by Ski Beatz]

Yesterday California’s very own Murs, from the Living Legends released the music video for “316 Ways”, off of his new album Love & Rockets , produced entirely by Ski Beatz. I personally haven’t been much of a fan of Murs’s recent work, but this track is an exception.
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