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Eludem | Latetip [tribute to Aaliyah]

I’m a few minutes off of Aaliyah’s 10yr anniversary but its all good. Here is a little somthing a friend of mine Eludem threw together a few months ago, a mash-up of one of Aaliyah’s most famous tracks “Are You That Somebody.” Hope that you enjoy this refreshing twist on an oldie.

May her music always reign as an essential.

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Eludem | Introducing & Ellusions [beat tapes]

“makes you wonder what other amazing music is out there that you will never hear..”-damaster37, a YouTube comment on one of Eludem’s beats entitled Oblivion.

I must say I was thinking the exact same thing when I came across his work. It’s so funny how Facebook can be such a bother but yet it makes full use of itself in situations like this. Continue reading

Curren$y x Alchemist | Covert Coup [Mixtape]

I know there is a little delay on posting this, It came out on 4/20/11 but everyone should know about this mixtape. I downloaded it when it came out,  but i took a listen to the whole mixtape instead of just putting it up and not listening to it. Overall this is a pretty good mixtape, Alchemist definatly did a lot of good samples on these tracks.

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