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Kings + Queens (Trailer) | Curtiss King

On the heels of his recent performance at the highly coveted Paid Dues Festival 2012,
southern Cali (Inland Empire) emcee and producer Curtiss King presents a trailer for his upcoming documentary
“Kings + Queens” documenting his road to Paid Dues directed, edited, and shot by Pasqual Gutierrez.

Stay posted for the full length documentary!
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YOURETHIS VIDEO PRODUCTION | Stick ‘em, Paste ‘em, or Drink ‘em up! RECAP [12-16-11]

Lots of love to YOURETHIS PRODUCTION for cutting up some video from the Stick ’em event that went down last weekend. So random and so rad, check it out and envy the fact that your weekend didn’t compare.

Just kidding, it’s just hella random and a cool way to kill 6 minutes while your soup finishes cooking in the microwave, wavy!

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Hopie Spitshard | Motto (Real Bitches Wassup)

Oh lord Hopie you are a gem! For all of our non-Drake listeners and even his listeners I’d like for you to take a listen at Hopie’s spin on the so catchy “Motto” beat. She does a more than dope job at stringing together randomness to get the real bitch point across, love it!

Girls and boys be sure to show the video some love and download as well. I promise this tune will come in handy especially for the ladies during the last week of 2011, bottom up!

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