Paid Dues Pre-Party Recap | HOB Sunset [03.31.11]

It’s safe to say the Paid Dues Pre Party was a success, when you can pack the House of Blues Sunset on a not so lovely Saturday night things look good even before the show starts. Scattered showers were falling on and off all night but that was no issue since the party was jumping off inside, hosted by Los Angeles’ own 2Mex the ambiance of the place was strictly hip-hop party from the get-go!
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Quakers feat. Guilty Simpson & MED | Fitta Happier

For lack of better vocabulary this track is LOCO! Guitly Simpson and MED alone are dope but lets add some more greatness to the mix . To all that have no idea whatsoever who these Quakers are and just keep on having flashing images of the oatmeal man cross your mind let me relieve you; Quakers consist of Barrow (aka Fuzzface, 7-Stu-7 (Portishhead’s engineer), and last but not least Katalyst (Australian producer that some of you non hip-hop folks may have already come across). Wheww need I say more?

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Homeboy Sandman | The Miracle

The next few posts are going to just be brief and to the point. I know y’all come for the music not to hear us talk, aha I’m sure you appreciate it though!

Off of the Subject Matter EP. This song feels so “alienish” don’t know if that is really even a word but the beat carries you through a bit of space and Sandmans voice as usual just feels like a quaint conversation.
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An Interview with Robb Bank$

I’ve recently checked out his music video, i was on the RVIDXR KLVN group chat on facebook and some guy linked me but i forgot his name.. if you read this comment on this and i’ll give you credit and again shout out to the RVIDXR KLVN Group on facebook. Besides all that i checked out the link to Robb Bank$ new music video “counting” What can i say? A GREAT Track and dope music video. I just had to get in touch with this guy, i know he is definitely going to get big, Check out the interview. ”  Damn bih.. I Feel like im signing up for a dating service. but food..Honestly MCdonalds, Salmon, Lobster, Or Duck is shit i fuck with depending on where I’m at. My favorite show right now is probably Naruto”- Robb Bank$

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Rub A Dub feat. Son God Suns x Nocando x D-Styles x SPECIAL GUEST Daedelus | The Airliner [02.11.2012]

It’s been too long since I’ve been on here. Fear not readers, I’m back!

With my return I bring you what is said to be LA’s own 2Mexs’ final show at the local favorite spot, The Airliner! For reasons not known the word is being spread that this is HIS last show there and what looks like a loss is about to be a win if you come out tonight. Not only will 2Mex be performing with DJ Nobody as Son God Suns but the line-up includes Nocando, D-Styles and many more. For the most part this is an extension of Wednesdays Low End Theory.

Did I mention the special guest is Daedalus!
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