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Paid Dues Pre-Party Recap | HOB Sunset [03.31.11]

It’s safe to say the Paid Dues Pre Party was a success, when you can pack the House of Blues Sunset on a not so lovely Saturday night things look good even before the show starts. Scattered showers were falling on and off all night but that was no issue since the party was jumping off inside, hosted by Los Angeles’ own 2Mex the ambiance of the place was strictly hip-hop party from the get-go!
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Rub A Dub feat. Son God Suns x Nocando x D-Styles x SPECIAL GUEST Daedelus | The Airliner [02.11.2012]

It’s been too long since I’ve been on here. Fear not readers, I’m back!

With my return I bring you what is said to be LA’s own 2Mexs’ final show at the local favorite spot, The Airliner! For reasons not known the word is being spread that this is HIS last show there and what looks like a loss is about to be a win if you come out tonight. Not only will 2Mex be performing with DJ Nobody as Son God Suns but the line-up includes Nocando, D-Styles and many more. For the most part this is an extension of Wednesdays Low End Theory.

Did I mention the special guest is Daedalus!
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Project Blowed 17yr Anniversary Concert [pt.1 12/16 & pt.2 12/22]

For all of our hip-hop junkies that know a thing or two about Project Blowed I bet you already know what the deal is, for those who don’t here you go; Project Blowed is one of the most influential hearts of LA hip-hop is turning 17. From the days when PB wasn’t even an idea but an open-mic at the Good Life Cafe in Los Angeles it has always promoted and supported nothing but the purest in hip-hop and they continue to do so. This weekend as well as next weekend PB will be throwing an event to commemorate and celebrate their longevity with what other than a live show that will for sure end your year with a bang!

The line-up is below, check it out and come out.

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Lyrical Massacre with 2MEX x Germ Free & Prissy( Girl on Girl) | Xo Lounge [10.29.11]

Costumes, drinks, and LA underground hip-hop! Yes, the OC is most definitely going to be buzzing this Saturday with performances by 2Mex, Germ Free, and Prissy. Not only will they all be rocking the mic but DJ ESRITE & DJ G2DAO are holding it down on the tables with all of that good party hip-hop.

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Rakaa of Dilated Peoples, 2Mex, Dannu of Visionaries, Xololanxinxo & More | Urban Underground at The Airliner [07.08.11]

URBAN UNDERGROUND goes down every single friday night at The Airliner, a place for real hip hop this Friday is no different!
I’m sure Evidence and Rakaa would love for you to see one of them on Friday night so make it out here or make it to The Terrace, just be sure to be out and about supporting LA Hip-Hop!

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Germfree & 2Mex | Nothing In My Way

One more track from Germfree and 2Mex, this duo is insane! With two distinct vocalists and a trippy beat this is the perfect music for those late nights of chilling while kickin’ back 40’s(you know how CA summers be doing it)! I previously posted a bio on Germfree but in case you missed it here is a short recap; female emcee, Graff artist, song writer, muralist, and one of the few females involved with the LA underground scene.

I’ve received a few tweets/texts on Germfree from some hardcore hip-hop boys and its nothing but love! So be sure to give this girl a listen and if you’ve never heard of 2Mex either this is a great introduction. Newbies meet Germ and 2Mex.
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