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Eludem | BelowBeyondLost (side b) [beat tape]

“What cha gonna do when the cops are after you?! ELUD-EM!”

Heard this one a few times to many on the 26th of November at a little shindig in Culver City. A small house show where Eludem had the opportunity to do an impromptu beat set that was completely bananas! With people flowing over the beats lyrically, one cat spitting some beat boxing cuts, and a bass that was to die for it sure was an eventful night. Lots of love out to Eludem for playing my favorite songs off of BelowBeyondLost (tape.1) in their ENTIRETY!

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NiceguyxVinny | F L O R E S [beat tape]

Beautiful music transcends so many borders. I bring to you NiceguyxVinny, a Long Beach native doing his own thing, making music, skating, and what not.

His stuff is amazing and nothing short of inspiring, I’d like to invite you to listen and stay tuned for a more detailed feature on him!

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Eludem | BelowBeyondLost (tape​.​1)

It’s 3:59am and the night before Rock The Bells. I could sit here and chat this up and tell you how great Eludem’s music is but I won’t…..let the music speak for itself.

If you’re keen on beats and fiend for the good stuff, here it is! Enjoy it folks.

and if you are new to the site head on over to the search button and type in ‘ELUDEM’ to read up on some of his past works.

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Eludem | Introducing & Ellusions [beat tapes]

“makes you wonder what other amazing music is out there that you will never hear..”-damaster37, a YouTube comment on one of Eludem’s beats entitled Oblivion.

I must say I was thinking the exact same thing when I came across his work. It’s so funny how Facebook can be such a bother but yet it makes full use of itself in situations like this. Continue reading