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RE:GENERATION | DJ Documentary [preview]

Ray Manzarek tells Rolling Stone of a new song he’s recorded with Robby Krieger and John Densmore, as well as popular DJ/producer Skrillex (Sonny Moore). The recording session and song are part of a new documentary film, RE:GENERATION, that recruited five popular DJs/producers to work with artists from five separate genres and had them record new music. A glimpse of the results are featured in the world premiere of the trailer(below). -Rolling Stone

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Eludem | BelowBeyondLost (tape​.​1)

It’s 3:59am and the night before Rock The Bells. I could sit here and chat this up and tell you how great Eludem’s music is but I won’t…..let the music speak for itself.

If you’re keen on beats and fiend for the good stuff, here it is! Enjoy it folks.

and if you are new to the site head on over to the search button and type in ‘ELUDEM’ to read up on some of his past works.

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Eludem | Introducing & Ellusions [beat tapes]

“makes you wonder what other amazing music is out there that you will never hear..”-damaster37, a YouTube comment on one of Eludem’s beats entitled Oblivion.

I must say I was thinking the exact same thing when I came across his work. It’s so funny how Facebook can be such a bother but yet it makes full use of itself in situations like this. Continue reading

Reverie | Sitting Upside Down [new album]

LA’s own rebel child and miss jane of all trades has done it again! Reverie known for everything from graffiti, music, clothing, modeling, and voice features for such artists as Murs has come full circle to release a new album. From one female to another this deserves mad love, not only as a work of great music but as a great stride for someone so young and so fearless. I absolutely love it and the numbers on her play counts say that I am not alone. I suggest you take a minute to listen to this album track for track then make that buy!

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Beats Rhymes & Life The Travels of a Tribe Called Quest | Official Trailer

No one ever said that hip-hop was a beautiful business and if anyone ever touched on that it was ATCQ. With one simple lyric they said it all, “industry rule number 4080 record industry people are shady”. Disregard the labels and the countless tours, albums, appearances, and you are left with three men that formed one of the greatest hip-hop groups of all time. This summer Micheal Rapaport’s documentary that has followed the up’s and down’s of ATCQ will be released nationwide. The film features countless interviews with the trio themselves along with many other hip-hop greats.

I don’t want to say much more except check out the trailer for yourself and maybe snag a ticket or two for a film that will most definitely be one of this summers highlights.

Also to all my local folks;
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