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Reverie x Louden | Chase Those Dreams

Reverie; Los Angeles’ favorite familiar female emcee does it once again. Literally this song dropped a few minutes ago and already is all over Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter and now HERE! The cut is a preview track off of her upcoming tape which drops on Navidad, stay posted for that one.

On a side note I think I’ve personally put about 7 plays on YouTube alone already. So if you have never crossed paths with her music this is a good first time track, Louden (another LA familiar) laced the beat for this one and it runs oh so smooth.

Enjoy it folks!
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Eludem | Latetip [tribute to Aaliyah]

I’m a few minutes off of Aaliyah’s 10yr anniversary but its all good. Here is a little somthing a friend of mine Eludem threw together a few months ago, a mash-up of one of Aaliyah’s most famous tracks “Are You That Somebody.” Hope that you enjoy this refreshing twist on an oldie.

May her music always reign as an essential.

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Eludem | Introducing & Ellusions [beat tapes]

“makes you wonder what other amazing music is out there that you will never hear..”-damaster37, a YouTube comment on one of Eludem’s beats entitled Oblivion.

I must say I was thinking the exact same thing when I came across his work. It’s so funny how Facebook can be such a bother but yet it makes full use of itself in situations like this. Continue reading

Always Norm AWR | Known Gallery [07.16.11]

T.I.T.S x The Seventh Letter bring you the workings of Norm from the world renowned AWR along with Steel, Trevelen, and Lani Lee.
The opening recetion goes down this Saturday but the show runs through August. I hope you all can make the time to go, these opeinings are that laid back type of fun and drinks are on the house! Arrive early so that you can park CLOSE, or else you get stuck with the 3+ blocks away parking.

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UNEARTHED | Crewest Gallery [07.09.11]

Luna George brings you an exhibition dedicated to the simple yet ever so clever comic book style art. The pieces that will be unveiled tonight all revolve around the 2012 end of the world hype.

Whether all of the 2012 talk is valid or not I don’t know but one thing is for sure this reception looks to be a fun place to spend a Saturday night!

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Reverie | Sitting Upside Down [new album]

LA’s own rebel child and miss jane of all trades has done it again! Reverie known for everything from graffiti, music, clothing, modeling, and voice features for such artists as Murs has come full circle to release a new album. From one female to another this deserves mad love, not only as a work of great music but as a great stride for someone so young and so fearless. I absolutely love it and the numbers on her play counts say that I am not alone. I suggest you take a minute to listen to this album track for track then make that buy!

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